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    Default Laptop to TV connection problem

    I have successfully connected my laptop to our HDTV using a six foot SVGA cable and a separate 3.5mm audio cable.

    I tried a new 25 foot cable (by RiteAV) with a built-in audio cable and have problems. First, I had trouble getting the video connection stable. It would seem to be fine, then the TV would say it lost the signal, and back and forth. I unhooked and rehooked both ends a few times and at least got to the point where the image stays on.


    I have tan/brown horizontal lines of distortion cascading slowly down the TV screen. Each 'line' is 2-3 inches high and fuzzy on the top/bottom. There is maybe 6-8" between each line. The image on the laptop is fine.

    I'm assuming it is the cable... but what is it about the cable so I make sure to avoid the problem? Is it just too long? Is is too 'cheap' for the length (the cable was less than 20 bucks)? Is it some other problem causing the lines?

    Thanks for any help. I already have the paperwork to return the cable to Amazon, but I thought I'd check to see if this is something I'm doing rather than the cable itself.

    ETA: what about settings on the laptop... anything there I should check/change?

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