I went to bestbuy to try out some speakers today. I had to goto three different BB's before I found one with the right speakers to test.

I first listened to the TSi100's with the CS10 center with no sub. I was really impressed. That center speaker is a nice piece of work. Th eTSi100's were clear without any bright tin sounds. The mids were good. Overall nice set of speakers.

I then tried the TSi300's because I am interested in the 200's as well but can't find a place to try them out. The 300's are also nice speakers, but I preferred the 100's hands down. Maybe this is because my ears are getting old (while the rest of me stays a little boy). So this made me think maybe I shouldn't try to find the 200's if I don't like the 300's.

Also I noticed that Newegg has the monitor 30's cheap right now. I was told that the TSi100's are suppose to be the next gen monitor 30's. Same specs different case. If this is true and the monitor 30's sound as good as the TSi100's then that would be great! But I also have no place to try the monitors out.

Anyway I just wanted to give my thoughts on the TSi series speakers that I heard today. Anyone else have any thoughts?