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    Default Floor Monted Boxes

    It is hoped someone out in "Polkland" can help me on this:

    I live in a log home ... no snaking speaker wires through the walls in solid logs.... However, I have full access to the floor joists down below. Therefore, I am running the speaker wires through them.

    The outlets must be a box mounted at all the right spots. I've got all off the right spots figured out, as well as the in wall mounting plates to attach to the surface mount boxes.

    I just need the boxes and cannot find them.

    Any advice?


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    May not be what you are talking about using. But in my first house I used plastic snap in outlet boxes with these covers on them for my surround towers that sat on the floor. I mounted them low on the wall just above the base board. Guess you could mount them in the floor though. Just a thought.


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    have you considered floor mounted? they make some nice brass units, with round access plates. Otherwise I would build a wood chase or mortise in the box.
    On-Q has some modular ones, that you can 'plug-in' whatever type of connector you want.

    I would also use a pvc conduit to make it easier to change out the wires later.

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