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    Default Surround Bar SDA Instant Home Theater

    The wireless subwoofer is more of a hum than responding. I've been able to program my Panasonic remote to work with the soundbar, but the subwoofer seems to be barely responding. I've adjusted the volume on he sub (louder hum), tried changing channels, gain levels, and the wireless sub is only 4 feet from the soundbar. Any help appreciated.

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    Default bump

    Please help if you have thoughts on this. thanks

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    I have the sound bar and am having trouble getting the remote control for my DVR (cable) to control my volume. I tried to program the remote following the instructions but it works for awhile and then does not increase the volume, decrease the volume or mute. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I have the same problem! Did you have any luck?
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V661
    DVD: Yamaha DV-C6480
    BR: Samsung 1600
    Mains: Polk RT55 (bi-amped)
    Center: CS300
    Sides: FX1000
    Rears: RT/FX
    Subs: SVS 20-39 PC+ 12.3 & DIY SVS 12.2
    Projector: Optoma HD70 w/ 106" Elite Screen
    Power: Panamax MAX 5100
    Remote: Harmony One

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    There is a thread for troubleshooting the Surround Bar, hope it can help you out. If not you may have to call Polk, or the company that makes the equipment you are having trouble with. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Welcome to Club Polk charlabreck and polkmpsc.

    -Jeff thread for troubleshooting the Surroundbar

    1-800-377-POLK (7655)
    9AM-5:30PM EST Mon-Fri
    HT Rig
    Receiver- Onkyo TX-SR806
    Mains- Polk Audio Monitor 70
    Center- Polk Audio CS2
    Surrounds- Polk Audio TSi 500's :D
    Sub- Polk Audio PSW125
    Retired- Polk Audio Monitor 40's
    T.V.- 60" Sony SXRD KDS-60A2000 LCoS
    Blu-Ray- 80 GB PS3

    2 CH rig (in progress)
    Polk Audio Monitor 10A's

    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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