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    Default PSW350 No Power & Blows Fuse

    I have a PSW350 and it gets no power. I opened it up and voila, fuse is blown. I bought a new fuse, put it in, and the second I plugged it in to the wall (with the power switched to off) the fuse blew again. Any help, advice, or direction would be greatly appreciated. Looks like I'm not the first with this issue on a sub...

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    Alright, upon further investigation, I have found the problem...

    Here is the problem. There are 4 of these (whatever they are). There is some burning between the middle 2 toward the outside edge of the board. (I apologize for not having a better res camera btw.)

    Here is the overall pic so you can see where and what I'm talking about. The problem is on the upper right hand corner of the board in this pic.

    Here is a pic taken from that same corner on the back side of the same board.

    Any help, direction, or advice would be greatly appreciated as well as a schematic.

    Thank You...

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    from the picture I can't see it very well ,it looks like four resistors,first off if it is still under warranty ,I would put it back together and try to get a RMA ,I think the amp has a three year warranty.If the warranty is out then I would go to radio shack or some where where you can buy those resistor and get a soldering iron and take them all off.and see if you can clean it up,so you can solfer the new ones on.But if your PCB board is to damage and you have nothing to solder to..It looks like they were so close together it may have arc two of them and then just got to hot and shorted out.
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