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Thread: RTIa5 Vs RTI10

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    Default RTIa5 Vs RTI10

    Hello all Polkies !

    I'm completing my 7.1 (polk) setup and I'd like to have an advice concerning my fronts.

    The room is 15x30 and dedicated to HT. The whole system will be powered by a pioneer 1019 amp, center's a CSIa6, SL/R and SBL/R are all RTIa5 (I know it's kind of overkill, but I got them über cheap ...), sub's a PSW111 (might upgrade to a velodyne VDR12).

    Now, the local AV store has the RTI10 on sale for a little more than my RTIa5 ... would I be wise to switch ? Would I notice any difference ? I have found no comparison whatsoever between the two models, so any input would very much appreciated !

    Thank you all for your time !

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    You want to switch all of your surrounds to RTi10's? Or are you looking for fronts? The 10's are bigger and would be better for music, but they won't really match all of your RTiA's in terms of appearance. I would stick with the A5's for fronts, most here will say they're better for HT anyway. I have them and have no complaints for HT or music. Go with the Velo too if you can swing it, you wont be dissapointed. Congrats on an awsome HT rig. Good luck and welcome to Club Polk.
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    Welcome to the club...

    Personally i would not upgrade to the 10's. If this is a dedicated HT like you said would definitely need a better sub. I would spend the money on the sub, maybe 2, then see how things sound. I would stick with the RTiA series so they all look the same. You have a great system going and I dont think the 10's would make a big improvement really.
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    Do the RTIa series sound different from the RTi series? Can a CSi5 center timbre-match with say RTia7 fronts?
    My system:
    Front: 2xPolk RT800 Floor speakers (Bi-wired) - SOLD
    Center: Polk CSi5 - For Sale!
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    Sub: Velodyne DPS-12

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    Thank you for the warm welcome :) I'll stick with the a5 and buy the velodyne. Upgrade soon on my first impressions :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabal05 View Post
    Thank you for the warm welcome :) I'll stick with the a5 and buy the velodyne. Upgrade soon on my first impressions :)
    I just picked up that VDR-12, I can attest, it's SICK. Love it.

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    Welcome to the Club!

    The RTiA5 is a good choice.
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    RTi A5's paired with a good sub is the way to go.

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