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    Default Just picked up this new tv.....

    My wife and I had some cash and gift certificates to best buy for Christmas so we decided to replace our Panasonic rear projection television. There wasn't anything wrong with it so I felt kind of bad for replacing it. After getting this: I can say I am soooooo happy that the panny got retired to the playroom. The reviews are good and i installed it myself with a wall mount (the wall leads to a crawlspace so no exposed wires) and the picture is beautiful. Its a purchase I will not soon regret!!!!!

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    Samsung makes some great LCD's.

    Nice grab at a great price.

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    Congrats on the new TV!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leroyjr1 View Post
    Samsung makes some great LCD's.

    Nice grab at a great price.
    Yes they most certainly do. You have it just in time for the NFL playoffs too!

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    I still love my 42"samsung plasma going on 2 1/2 yrs. now.
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