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    Default Need help for my Philips 312

    I've got a Philips 312 (1976) with an Audio Technica DR500LC cartridge. It worked fine about a year ago, but now no sound unless I push down on the tone arm. Even then it's not much. I think I bought the cartridge about 10 years ago. I suspect the cartridge is shot, because the turn table is so basic. Any help appreciated.

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    Make sure all your connections are clean, your stylus is not bent, and since you get sound when you add weight I'm guessing the stylus is shot. They're inexpensive to replace.
    That old Philips is a heckova good TT and deserves a better cartridge anyway.
    You'll have to spend some big bucks to outperform that old Philips. Do it justice and get a good cartridge for it.

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    I just bought one for my Turn table and it was really cheap!

    This is it:
    Polk Audio SDA SRS 1.2TL's
    With new Exotic wood, Sonicaps, Mills & RDO198's - Born on 4-24-1989 and Signed by Matthew Polk!!!!

    My Polk SDA SRS 1.2TL's

    It All Started here:

    Part Deux:

    Car Stereo----><---- NEW for 2013

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    You must have received the CP discount! Hope they threw in "free shipping"
    Hellova good looking cartridge there. Love to hear one sometime

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