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    Default cs2 mounting suggestion sought

    Hello all. First post here. I'm a new owner of a CS2 and a set of Monitor 60's. These will be displacing some very old Onkyo HTIB speakers i've had for years in an existing projection setup.

    This new CS2 is replacing what was an Onkyo center that had a keyhole adapter that allowed me to mount it below the screen but on the wall. I then used some rubber feet to angle it up towards the viewer. Worked well enough for my purposes.

    First thing I noticed was that there was no mounting hardware on the CS2 - so I'm wondering if
    a) is it okay to drill into the casing enough to mount hardware to hang it ?
    b) if the answer to above is "no" - is anyone aware of a good shelf mount solution that's not so large as to look awkward ? I am looking for as clean and unobtrusive solution as possible.

    thanks in advance !

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    I wouldn't drill into that speaker. Its a really big center, so finding an unobtrusive looking shelf is not going to be easy. I would weld one up myself with some stainless sheetmetal and L brackets and mount it on the wall. That way it would be thin enough to not draw attention to itself and strong enough to hold that heavy ass speaker. The CS2 has one angled side so you can mount it low and angle it toward the listener, even further hiding your shelf. Just a suggestion, good luck.

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    Find a shelf. Make a shelf. Don't be drillin. ;)

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