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    Default Canare 4S11 Blue Jeans Speaker Cable

    Considering purchasing raw cable and doing the terminations myself. I am choosing this cable because my new RTiA5's and CSiA6 are bi-wired speakers. I will be connecting speakers to HK 3600 AVR. Blue Jeans website states canare 4s11 is 14 gauge. Will this gauge wire fit into my speaker binding posts. If not, I am thinking spades for speakers and possibly bananas for receiver. Has anyone already gone thru the process using the same speakers. If so, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Seems like bi wiring is questionable on other threads. I asked Joe Abrahms who sells MIT cables and he recommended bi wire cables since my Polks are bi wired speakers. Are there any special setting I need to make on my receiver for bi wiring speakers. Do I remove jumper plates on speakers if I bi wire. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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