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    Default 165lbs of Solid State Power - Krell KMA-160 Monos

    So, I took a flier on some Krell KMA-160 monoblock power amps. Hooked them up yesterday (barely fit on my stands). 160 wpc pure A into 8 ohms, 320 into 4 ohms, 640 into 2 ohms, 1280 into 1 ohm.

    I'm no review expert, but they sound DAMNED good. My Hales Revelation 3's now sound like they have separate subwoofers. The highs are clear but never fatiguing. I can turn it up as loudly as I like and the sound quality and noise stays the exact same. Crisp, never shrill, punchy, powerful. I listened to about half of my CD collection yesterday. While the crap still sounds mostly like crap, the well recorded CDs sound fantastic.

    These are big suckers that barely fit on the stands I have and may be too big for my listening room. But, I think I may keep them for a bit just for kicks. Can't imagine anything being better than them in terms of power and sound quality.

    Yes, pics coming shortly.

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    you read my mind...
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    Very nice! Take any pics?
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    sounds awesome.....sounds out of my price range......enjoy!
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    Without pics you're pulling our leg! :D:D Otherwise rock on with those bad boys.
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