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    Default wiring schematic for S10 passive crossover terminal block

    I need to re-solder one end of an inductor coil lead which became detached from the circuit board when the coil came loose from its epoxy connection to the circuit board (most likely as a result of a g-force hit during shipping and insufficient epoxy coupling ).

    I could open up the other speaker terminal block with the passive crossover circuit board behind it, but I would rather not break the tight seal of the terminal block flange with the cabinet if I did not have to do so.

    I can also guess based upon existing solder points which have solder and no connections, but again would rather have a definitive spec if possible. ( I realize it is a passive circuit, but would rather not power the speakers with possibly incorrect wiring).

    Does anyone have (or know where I can find) a wiring schematic for the S10 passive crossover circuit board ? Any help would be appreciated.

    Cheers !
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    There's a sticky on the top of the vintage speakers forum that contains crossover diagrams on PDF. I'd post a direct link, but there's a few options for S10, so I'll let you investigate on your own. Scroll down the page and look for S SERIES - VINTAGE.

    Link to sticky

    I hope this is what you were looking for.

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    Default helpful, thanks


    Thanks for the links to the PDF schematics. I believe that mine is the standard S10, not the S10se. On the S10 crossover schematic, the two inductors are shown mounted parallel to each other on the circuit board - on mine they are not. And the schematic is a logical schematic, without a physical one showing numbered solder points on the circuit board.

    However, based on the logical schematic, I will be able verify where the loose end of the inductor should be connected, particularly since the two inductors are distinguishable, one having an air core (bridging the tweeter) and the other a steel core (in serial with the low end and midrange).

    Thanks much for a super-quick and quite helpful response to my post !


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