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    Quote Originally Posted by tony millard View Post
    Not even with the Dreadnaught(?) adaptor?
    I've been AWOL for a couple years, so excuse me if I'm not up on the new lingo, but I assume that by Dreadnaught you mean the Al-1 connector... The Al-1 eliminates amp ground design considerations.
    Quote Originally Posted by thuffman03 View Post
    You left out a few....Silver 7t, Silver 9t, TFM 75
    I didn't even think about the mono-block Carvers. The Silvers can be strapped to work with SDAs and the stock interconnect. Not sure about the TFM 75, but Id bet its strap-able as well.

    I don't know the TFM-6CB mentioned above...
    Quote Originally Posted by dorokusai View Post
    I used the free edition of Babylon for this translation....
    ROFL... That hurt me.... Something says Berlitz Eastern Rim might also work.

    Couple thoughts on the general thread theme developing...
    I spent many happy years with my M-1.5t/ SDA-SRS combo. Then my 1.5 had to go in for repair (Carver Corp was still in the repair biz back then). The repair price included updating my original series 1.5 to the third and final series version. The improvement was startling.... smoother... more open... more detailed.... The experience opened my ears to other possibilities. Then this place blew the lid off...

    Bottom line.... The Carver - SDA combo is good, no doubt about it, and ranks well on any value scale, but there is better. So when you can, as you can afford to, look for better.
    More later,
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    I've got a set of sda srs 1.2tl's I've recently become "reinterested" in. I'm currantly running them with a Denon avr 5800. I'm going to try them in the following combo's.
    1) 5800 as pre with a Carver 753x
    2) Bryston b-1 with Carver
    3)Just for fun, a harmon/kardon avr 30 alone
    4) h/k with carver, again,just for fun
    I seem to have lots of gear around, I'll post results.

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    I have had two tfm 24's and tfm 35's on my 3.1 tl's.Slight difference between the two setups but the sound is great

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    I forgot to add I now have the tfm24's on my Carver AL111's and the Tfm35 on my 3.1TL's.The AL111's could still use more power.

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