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    Default Soundstream 705s - can it run MOMO's?

    Am getting conflicing info as to the RMS power my Soundstream amp puts out, a Reference series 705s. I plan on running MOMO 6.5 components in front, 6x9's in rear (when released), and the 10" sub in the boot of the car. Anybody know if my amp is up to the task?

    Gonna do it in a 2002 MINI Cooper S, should be a rocking little car if it all works out right.

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    Talking here's the car if anyone is interested...

    love showing off the car....

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    Looks like that amp will run 50X4 to all your satellite speakers and 200 watts (probably between 250-275 at 14.4v) to the MOMO. You could probably get away with it... but I'm not sure that amp would be the best choice to run all MOMO stuff since it is some power hungry equipment. Just my opinion. Nice amp though, old school. I've got the 200s, 4 years old and running strong, puts out around 250 bridged 4 ohm, but I would be nervous running it to a MOMO.
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