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    Exclamation Onkyo 607 or Denon 1910 for TSI 300/CS10/DSW Pro 400 speaker system

    Am choosing between the two receiver. but am out of town thus couldn't make an actual demo

    My friend is offering to me both receiver (he is a part time agent) and by the time am back home he will be away for a tour of duty (internal auditor) which may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before we meet again. Thus I need to make a decision while am far away and before he leaves so it can be delivered to my place.

    He is offering a very good term of July 2010 PDC payment :D:D who am i to resist? :D:D

    Maybe with Polk Community's help i can better decide. Initially I have chosen Onkyo 607 base on his personal recommendation but something is pulling me towards denon....

    The difference between the two is only $36 in this part of the globe ..... thus price is not really an issue ....

    Your inputs and reviews are appreciated ...Thanks as always!

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    The two sound different...many think the Denon is warmer...I'm not I own higher models from both manufacturers...the strength of Onkyos are in HT and in value to price ratio for features.

    Usually a Denon and an Onkyo in the same class--Onkyos have more features. And they're very good in HT, you might like the Denon better in 2 channel...that's hard to say because I can't speak for your 'ears'.

    Another thing to consider is that Denons are a bit more difficult to set up, and according to our resident installer (Mantis) have had a higher failure rate of late?

    Onkyos get MUCH hotter than Denons though. So they need lots of ventilation.

    I've heard TSI-300s on a Denon since I own them and they sound fine...I think I may prefer them on the Denon, again for 2 channel listening.

    But it's your call.

    I'd probably go with the Onkyo at that price class!


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    THanks :)

    I failed to mention it will be used generally for Home theater and Xbox360 duties.

    Of course I still listen to music but that is when am either alone or in the company of another music lover. Genre includes classic rock, rock, standards, pop-jazz, pop, ballads, techno etc ..... Love 'em in stereo mode I could literally doze off while listening

    The ventilation may not be a problem since it'll be placed on a top table. . . I just have to find a suitable space for my BD player and xbox though .... the room is a/c equipped.

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    i gotta tell you...i just replaced a denon avr3806 with the onkyo tx sr707 and the difference was night and much much happier with the onkyo..
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