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    Default A plunge to help my folks: now I need help!

    Ok, so I have some RTi A7's as my main speakers, and I gave my parents my old RTi8's (I got the A7's on a deal from American for $800 for the pair about a year ago) when I got the A7's. The RTi8's replaced some huge Optimus Mach 2's, and my mom appreciated the visual change from huge boxes on stands.
    My parent's living room does not really have room for a sub or any good place to put one (plus my mom will start complaining about more room being taken up), so to help my folks speaker setup and improve bass response, I'm giving them my A7's, and I'm taking the RTi8's back.

    I was thinking of getting some A5's to replace the RTi8's, because I have a kick*** sub, so I probably don't need something that can play real deep. Is there a huge difference between the RTi8's and the RTi A5's? I know it's similar components in a different cabinet. I'd really like a pair of A9's just for the sheer awesomeness of them, but I can't justify the money for them now. And, I only have a Yamaha RX-V861 so I don't think it's high powered enough for the A9's anyway.

    Any recommendations?

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    Where are you located...and Welcome to Club Polk!

    Rti-8s and A5s are very similar the A5s may be a bit better but if you already have 8s I wouldn't bother. But I would think about the A9s...however they are expensive...

    If you're in the U.S. you could get a set of A9s for 899 a pair from Polk's ebay direct site refurb....which is a Fantastic deal! If not, you'll have to save your pennies.

    Frankly I'd hold onto what you have....if you're might consider some INWALL subs? Those would not really be visible?


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    Yep, I'm in the US. In good old frigid Wisconsin to be more specific, about 15 miles west of Milwaukee.
    Wow, 899 for a pair of A9's? I may have to jump on that sometime! But the wall sub wouldn't be an option, if I mentioned drilling holes in the wall my moms head would pop.

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    Welcome to the Club!

    The A5s with a good sub is a nice combo!
    Linn AV5140 fronts
    Linn AV5120 Center
    Linn AV5140 Rears
    M&K MX-70 Sub for Music
    Odyssey Mono-Blocs
    SVS Ultra-13 Gloss Black:D

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