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    Default Testing SDA functions and Balance... weird, weird, weird...

    Well, I was just playing around with the testing procedures for the SDA function on my CRS+'s. I've been having to adjust the balance to favor the right speaker (the one that I've been fixing after it fell off "something"), so I figured I would check it out.

    I'm using a nice (but not expensive) Onkyo stereo reciever to power the speakers (I can't wait to get something better, but for now, I still get amazed listening to these things!). It's a TX-8511. Whenever I play a CD from my Samsung DVD recorder, I have to adjust the balance... Well, doing the test starts you out using some mono FM static. The testing procedure went GREAT! The speakers performed properly... so well that, for it to be perfect, the balance knob had to be centered!

    That got me thinking... so I grabbed a pink noise disk and threw it in... sure enough, for the test to work, I had to drift it a little right on the balance.

    OK, so, I'm thinking that the DVD player is just a little hotter on the left, or the receiver input is... but... when I adjust the volume on the receiver, the balance changes! That's what I'm really interested in... Has anyone noticed that their amp/receiver changes balance (even a little) when you adjust the volume?!

    I'm thinking that it's just the way of an inexpensive stereo receiver, but thought I'd check!

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    Yes, it is possible for the balance to change in relation to the volume level. However, if there is an off balance situation it would occur at very low volume levels and should even out as the volume level is increased. If it is occuring at any and all volume levels, then I believe you found the cause, a cheap receiver.
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