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Thread: PS3 Dragon age

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    Default PS3 Dragon age

    Picked up dragon age for the PS3 --

    It runs fantastic. Looks as good as on PC, but has some frame rate jitters now and then.

    Overall I'm pleased I got the console version, even if just for the audio. the DTS mix is outstanding and definitely deserves a good surround system.

    I really enjoy playing ala FFXII and making super complex tactic systems, so the lack of Baldurs-Gate style views doesn't bother me at all.

    In any case, its an excellent experience on the console.
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    Would u of bought the game in PC it u could play it on your home theater? Just curious since I just added a media home theater system.
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    Default PS3 Dragon age

    I loved KOTOR and cant wait for the new KOTOR MMO coming out.

    I saw this is Dragon Age is also coming out for the PS3 so Ill probably pick it up.

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    But Sony's been doing this since the release of the PSP. On that system it didn't really matter because they haven't drastically altered that interface like they did the PS3. I think what they're trying to do is combat piracy by requiring you be on a firmware that has been "patched" for certain games. Again though, on my PSP I don't care what version it's running. 360 I don't care either. PS3, I care. I'm glad Valkyria Chronicles and Silver Star Harmony are on PSP. So far I see no games in the foreseeable future on PS3 that I want bad enough to violate my 60GB.

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