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Thread: PS3 Features

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    Default PS3 Features

    +Best graphics
    +New slim model for cheaper
    +Best for RPG games
    +Best for adventure games
    +free Online service
    +wonderful Customer service
    +Decent backwards compatability on older models
    +Near indestructable (original not slim)
    +Blueray/DVD player
    -Its REALLY Heavy (original)
    -Expensive (recently dropped a bit)
    -games not released as frequent as XBOX
    -Games tend to be more Expensive

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    Wow, this guy really wants a Valentine.... reported.

    HT Rig
    Receiver- Onkyo TX-SR806
    Mains- Polk Audio Monitor 70
    Center- Polk Audio CS2
    Surrounds- Polk Audio TSi 500's :D
    Sub- Polk Audio PSW125
    Retired- Polk Audio Monitor 40's
    T.V.- 60" Sony SXRD KDS-60A2000 LCoS
    Blu-Ray- 80 GB PS3

    2 CH rig (in progress)
    Polk Audio Monitor 10A's

    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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