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Thread: New Car Sedan

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    I prefer Nissan to Toyota not for quality just preference. I have owned now 4 Nissans and had very good luck with all of them. We love them.

    The Maxima is a fantastic car and more "Sporty" then the Camry. I personally think the Maxima is the best 4 door sedan under 40k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demiurge View Post
    Maybe Snow will buy you one. :p
    He He Hmmm.... nope :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post

    I don't care who you are, that's funny right there! :D
    True great post :p

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodeo0530 View Post
    You are right on point there Troy. I got myself into some trouble a while back cuz I needed to buy a nice new Accord that had a price tag of more than I was making in a year at my job. Why I didn't think about that before I signed all those damn papers just makes no sense to me now. I've had my own place since I turned 18 and have never been late on that, but I sure as hell was late on my car...a few months late. Getting your car repo'd at you rplace of employment is not cool, but it happened. I ended up paying the buyout of the car by getting a loan through my credit union and ended up buying a 1997 Ranger from a buddy for $1000. I've gotten 4 years out of it and invested about another $800 on tires and some necessary body work. Now, I have no CC debt, no loans to pay, and will never buy a new car again in my life. I loved my car when I had it, but I'm perfectly content with driving this Ranger till it dies on me and I have to find another diamond in the rough. I wish you the best of luck with this and this is a story that I don't exactly tell a lot of people, but if you've got debt, you have no reason to go buy a $20k+ car. I would have been able to pay for the car for a little while longer if I wasn't paying $160+/month for insurance.
    Good post.

    I can understand splurging on $20 for a part for my CD player even if I have some CC debt but knowing that it still needs to be paid off and now I am thinking about buying a new car even though the one I have currently runs fine? Thats financial suicide. If you can afford to make $600-$700.00 payments on a new car and you still have CC debt then Demi was right your an idiot and in hindsight I probally shouldndt have helped you, I havent really followed your threads here but now I can see why they were acting like they were.

    Im sorry but I cant even begin to think like you do. Supposedly you are just now starting to claw your way out of debt that you caused by making bad decisions and your just aching to get back into more?

    Do you have any idea how much interest you would have to pay on every $600-$700 owed on your CC's that you could have paid off with the new car payment and extra insurance? plus your new car is depreciating every mile and every month so your losing that way also.

    I dont have anyone to take care of my bills but I assure you that if I lived at home with my parents and had no bills to speak of I would be setting aside every dollar I could for my future and not looking for ways to ruin my life.

    If you can afford $700.00 a month and could set that money aside for 5 years that would be $42,000 + interest that you could put down on a starter home for yourself and a future wife. Now you have most likely have gotten your masters degree and can get a decent paying job, you have no debt and have equity in your new house so your house payments are much lower than what they would be otherwise and now you can set it up so you can pay it off in 15 years rather than 30 because you can afford to make larger payments. And you are now actually attractive as a potential mate for some girl because you have your **** together and can provide a good future for the both of you. Do you really think that if you owe out the ass when you finally leave home that any girl with good sense is going to be slightly attracted to you?

    Drive your Civic till it dies set aside some of the money that was going to be used as new car payments to fix your tranny if and when it goes out so you can pay cash and not get in more debt by having to take out a loan to fix it.

    You are the poster child for reasons to have a finacial advisor :p


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    When my '96 Integra starts costing me as much as a car payment in bills, then I'll think about a new(er) car. But I bought my car used 3 years ago with over 120,000. It's been through half the country and even though I've not been nice to it, I've done the minimum to keep it going.

    Drive you car 'til it dies. Even try to kill it if you want... You'll be surprised by the pride you'll have for owning that car and knowing that you have more money to save for a replacement and spend on stuff you want to spend money on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    I do.
    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    Pfft! I carry full coverage on my truck because anything less, the insurance company hangs me out to dry if I get sued over an accident. My truck is 9 years old. I have a clean driving record and my insurance is still $2100 a year.
    damn, thats about what I pay for 5 trucks and my wifes car
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    haha, i pay that much in 6 months on one car...
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