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    Default Blast from the past

    Called CD, short for Compact disc
    I've met plenty of people today who don't know what CD stands for.

    It's funny reading that article knowing where electronics are now.
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    Best Buy is for people who don't know any better. Magnolia is for people who don't know any better and have more money to spend.
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    I had a second gen Sony (CDP 302, I believe), I bought it in probably 85.

    I bought it on sale for 500 bucks because Stereo Review told me cd players wouldn't get much cheaper than that.
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    I liked this part of the article.

    "But the question now is, How does it sound? Is it really worth all the fuss and ruckus? I will now frustrate everybody by waffling. The truth is, I really don't know, because I've only listened to the two discs sent with the unit, and none of the selections were recorded to audiophile standards. All were multi-miked and sounded as if the middle range had been equalized out of them, many were poorly mixed, and all had that distinct haze around the instruments which suggests more distortion some where along the line than audiophile recording companies will tolerate. "

    First impressions are usually right. We should have all taken that at face value and stuck with vinyl. :)
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

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