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    Default 4 ohm woofers and 8 ohm tweeters in RT3

    I've had my RT3s:

    forever and love them. My ex roommate blew the woofers one day, and Polk stopped making the replacement woofers.

    So I found these MW5530:

    and bought them without checking the impedance, which is 4 ohm. The tweeters are 8 ohm. I've already installed them, and the sound is good, but I find I have to do extreme EQ settings on my receiver.

    Is there anything I can do to match the impedance which will fit in the cabinet? Wire in an l-pad or resistor?

    My front L-R setup is a passive crossover routing 120 Hz below to a 10" sub and above to Polk RT3s.

    Thank you for your advice

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    Actually I did comparisons in the sound of the midrange between the RT3s with miss-matched impedences, and M10s , and I could not hear a significant amount of difference to make me want to take any corrective action. I'm satisfied with the sound of my RT3s with new components.

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