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Thread: Nobis DM-3T

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    Default Nobis DM-3T

    What are these?

    Quote Originally Posted by cl ad
    Up for sale are 4 high quality audiophile tower speakers by Nobis. I have never seen these before, nor can I find hardly any information about them on the internet. What I do know is Nobis has made some highly acclaimed tube amplifiers, the top and bottom of these speakers are walnut with the sides being wrapped in speaker mesh, and they sound pretty outstanding. The cabinets are all in fairly good condition, though there is noticeable wear on the walnut portion of one of them. Two of the speakers appear to have slightly stretched speaker mesh. They look smooth and in pristine condition until you reach the top of the speaker, where the mesh wrinkles over just a touch (should be visible in pictures). I think this could be fixed fairly easily if you chose to take the speaker apart to some degree and just pulled the mesh up a little bit and fastened the top back down, but I'm not sure how to do it and I would prefer not to take the speaker apart. Otherwise, the mesh is black and the imperfection is subtle. What you WILL notice about these speakers is the sound. They are crystal clear and would sound beautiful in a small to medium sized room. They are not blow-the-doors-off bassy speakers; rather, they are very transparent and would probably sound best at low to mid levels. You are welcome to come have a listen before buying. You are sure to love the sound. And at this price, you won't find a better set of speakers for this application.

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    look a lot like this. srm2.1

    didnt signature aquire nobis back in the day. hey ... just a guess...but they look close.

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