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Thread: 6.5" momo power

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    Default 6.5" momo power

    I'm currently running 2 pairs of momos off a PPI PC4800 amp, running at 100x4 @ 4ohms.

    The other option for the amp is to run it at 200x4 @ 2 ohms.

    As far as the speakers go, which is better? Also how does one wire 2 pairs of speakers to a 4 channel amp to get 2 ohms?


    Also 1 last thing, that does changing the polarity on the tweeters do again?

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    It would depend on your listening levels in the car. If you like it
    LOUD!!! then bridge the amp to prevent clipping at louder listening levels. If you prefer a "purist" form of listening then
    use the 4 channel mode. The amp will run cooler and the components will sound better. Set the high pass filter between
    60 to 80 Hertz.

    Happy Wiring!!

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