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    Default Subwoofer powered or non powered?

    I have been looking at a PSW1000 non powered sub and I was wondering if it is ever ok to use this type of sub? Do I need a separate amp or can I run it with my Marantz 6001 7.1 with 100 x 7 per channel? Seems like everyone on this site uses powered amps. Thanks,Darryl

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    the best way o use that sub is get a replacement from PE. You could run it with an amp, but since that Sub runs to 1 ohm, you need an amp that can handle it.
    Run a search. There are numerous threads on those subs.
    I would get one that carries the same or better capacity of the original

    Power Output 400 watts Continuous Average Output
    Dynamic Power Output 825 watts

    No way you would be able/ nor want to try and run a sub with a receiver.

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