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    Default Amp question for the future

    From reading this forum I know I am going to catch hell for not searching but...I have M70s front,Cs2 center, soon will have M40s rear. What do you guys think about the Adcom GFA-7705 for this set up? I am just trying to pick your brains and I have done some searching on here I promise! I have learned enough in the last two weeks to not mention Emotiva!

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    That amp looks great. It should be able to power the setup you have easily. What pre are you using or do you have an AVR? Adcom's have a great rep around here and you should be very happy for years to come with that amp. Not sure about your budget but you could get some used gear for considerably less. There are some older/vintage adcom amps that are a fraction of the cost of the 7705. Either way I think you will be extremely happy.
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