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    Default Suggestion on Matching Rears for a TSi setup

    Hi. Making progress on my system and am now looking for some feedback on a good matching set of rears for my 5.1 system. I am considering the following possibilities: TSi100's, OWM3's, RM7's or 8's or M10's. My cuurent setup so far:
    - Yamaha rxv465, cs10 center, TSi400 fronts and a Jamo Sub
    What I would like to know is a few opionions of the stated rears or anything I may have overlooked. I know the 100's and owm3 are recommended by polk for this series so they will be timber matched. The rm's seem like a good/logical design for rear/surrounds, but will they match/blend with the others. Considering M10's as they seem like decent speakers and dirt cheap (under $80). but again will then match current system.

    I really like the OWM3's but they seem like they may be a bit underpowered. Like the desin of the RM's but haven't demo'd them yet so not sure on them as rears for my system. Any thoughts within or outside this list would be appreciated; don't necessarily want need the best/most exp. rears, just ones that will do this setup justice. Thanks.

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    Why do you think OWM3s are too underpowered...they can play as loud as you wish if you have the power and the cabinet is purposely designed so as to make them sound like a larger bookshelf? Check Polk's info on this speaker more ''closely".


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    OWM3's would be just fine in the setup you described. Hell, any one of the ones you mentioned would work. While the 100's would be the "best" option being in the same family, it is not as important to timbre match your surrounds as it is your front 3. Good luck and welcome to Club Polk Darrell.

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    I have had the OWM3's and i liked them. They did not seem to have a lot of punch though. A fried of mine is using monitor 40's as surrounds with his 400's and they sound great. The best thing about surrounds is that they do not have to match. There is not a lot of sound coming from them unless you listen to multichannel music, so anything will work. Personally i would go with either the most budget friendly or the design i like the best.
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    My comments on the OWM3 being underpowered was mostly from User Reviews that people who have heard or had them said they seemed understated in performance. Also a number of sites (retail) seemed to have inaccurate specs, now that I look at the Polk Specs here (which I didn't look at before). I haven't found a store here in Calgary that has them in stock to demo so I'm relying on what others have found.

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    The OWM3 would work fine, although there are better options of course. I have the OWM5 and like them very much. Make sure and check out the Polk Direct store on ebay. You can get them for a great deal on there, and you are purchasing from polk, so no warranty issues to worry about:)
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    I've heard the OWM3, OWM5, and I own and love the TSi100's. They all sound great and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. If wall mounting versatility is a concern, go with the OWM series.

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