I rolled the Hales back into the system and cranked up some Steely Dan.
Wow. The only real weakness is their size. They run out of steam down low,
but sound great up to that point. If they were Revelation two's instead of
one's I would never of moved on. For jazz or other non-rock stuff, they
are just about as good anything I've heard in the size range. The Proacs
are a good overall floor stander with great bass, but their mid/ high
performance isn't quite up to the Hales. The Hales need more than 50 WPC
even with tubes. That's the other problem. It's a shame they had a hard life
before passing through a pawn shop to me. There are some nicks, but they
still rock out just fine. I think I'll leave then out for the next week or so before
switching back. Sometimes it's nice to be able to swap out stuff for a different
sound. I already know I'll like the Proacs back in too. Nothing like speaker
swaps to test the back.