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    Default Very cool find right at home

    In my quest for vinyl ripping excellence I remembered I had an old Technics SL-6 which is a linear tracking turntable from Technics. Down into the crawlspace I go. I aquired this with a box of records a couple of years ago at the beginning of my vinyl journey. Anyway I look and it has an Ortofon OM30 cartridge. This is an expensive cartridge ($225 or so). I check it out and the stylus is straight and in perfect shape. Barely used.

    I hook the whole unit up to my Carver CT-Seven and the computer and give an old disk (don't want to risk a good one if it's messed up) a spin. Sounds really good. I tweak the cartridge vtf a bit and it sounds great. I do a rip of Metallica's black album and the rip sounds better than the store bought cd I have. Totally cool. I don't know why I ever dismissed this unit as crap and how I missed that really good Ortofon is beyond me.

    I'm pleased.
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    I would celebrate that find with some new, used vinyl.

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    Great stuff Kelvin! I second GG's advice.

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