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Thread: i need help

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    Default i need help

    well i have 2 12 inch mtx thunder 6500 and a 2000 watt lanzar amp. everythings hooked up right but when i turn up my amp to high the subwoofers make weird noises and they start making bass but not to the song and then my battery will die. everyhting is hooked up right. i had an expert look at it and he doubled up the speaker wire for positive and negative and it works now. but should i get a new amp ? or will it be fine ? please help

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    a new battery seems appropriate to me if it dies that fast. if everything is working fine now and you like it theres no need to replace anything, but IMO Lanzar has never really been known for high quality.

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    Lanzar amps old school ones anyway were pretty tuff amps ! The old optidrive 50c etc were really nice amps that being said could you post the model and approx year of the amp? Doubling the speaker wire should have had no change unless you were running a really small gauge speaker wire. The power issue may be under powered charging system, small gauge power wire starving your amp. Please give us all the specs on your system example, stock alternator, 4gauge power wire, stock batterey, # of amps
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    You may also have to double up the batt because im pretty sure they can only put out i think 1000 watts per battery
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