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    Default Feel the sound - enclosure

    What type of enclosure should I use? I want to be able to get a massage from the subs, LoL. I love punchy bass, but I hate that vibrating sound that some subs produce. I can do with out that. I don't know how to explain myself, but I like the bass to be a sound that goes in and out like when you strike a drum, and not a continous sound like when you use a wind instrument.

    I preffer SQ over loudness. but minimal SQ loss for punchier bass i would like, especially since I can't really hear things too clearly.

    What sound difference would I expect from running one SR124 and two SR124. I am going to power them with an 1800 RMS amp @ 1 ohm or if it's one sub at 875 w RMS

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    To me, sealed is only way to go, especially if SQ is high on the list. What kind of vehicle are you putting this in?

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    +1 on the sealed boxes. I've been more satisfied by the sound of sealed boxes myself.
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    I've got two Alpine 12" Type R's in a sealed enclosure in the hatch of my IROC-Z and they do very good punch with very decent SQ. Vented with big subs has huge volume but almost always at the price of good SQ.
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    I tried ported and sealed on my sr1240, and sealed is the only way to go when you want a tight accurate (punchy) sound.

    Adding another sub should increase spl by 3db. 2 sr1250 @ 1800 will go plenty loud, just watch the gains/volume and hear the sub for any snapping sounds. You really don't want to overpower them too much and damage it.

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