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    Default Set-up receiver for stereo with RTi A9's

    Hi Guys

    New to this 'higher-end' style of audio.

    I have two Polk RTi A9's - and an Onkyo TX-NR807 receiver, connected to the receiver for bi-amping (purely cause the cable cost the same as the single's) - what's the best or correct settings to have on the receiver to get the best from a stereo set-up?

    Also, anything I should change between listening to movies or music?


    BTW - I already have the bi-amping on speakers set. Just trying to get the best sound out of the system.

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    We need more info. Are you using a sub? If not, set the crossover on the A9's to large so that you get them to play the lower frequencies. I'm assuming that you're watching movies in stereo as well. For this I suggest that you take advantage of one of Onkyo's best receivers and complete a 5.1 surround system. Then you'll really appreciate those A9's, as they are some of the best HT speakers in their price range. Nice setup so far, welcome to Club Polk.
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    Thanks :)

    No sub at the moment - trying to decide whether to get the center and surrounds first, or a sub. Also not sure what sub to go for, looking for a pretty powerful sub, REL maybe?

    I've set the speakers to full-range - I'm assuming this is the same as large?

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    On Onkyos, setting to Full Band/Full Range disables any crossovers used for the main speakers, so yes, you will get the full effect. NOTE: You will need to reset the mains to use a crossover once you get a sub. Since you're using A9s as I am, set the crossover to the THX reference level of 80 Hz. You may choose to leave the LFE at 80 Hz or put it to the 120 Hz reference level. Most people find 120 Hz makes the subs rattle too much. 80 is a great compromise there, and it rolls off nicely with the A9s set at 80 Hz also.

    My Onkyo is one I just purchased today, which is the TX-NR5007, and I am also bi-amping. But I will get more of a result than you will on yours since the 5007 uses four independent power supplies, two for the audio/video units, a third transformer for the surround/center amplifiers, and a huge toroidal transformer for the mains, backed up by 22,000F capacitors. Well, that and my channels are a full 145w/channel into both the lower (bass) and upper (mid/high) arrays. Now, they're still losing some of that power to mechanical and heat dissipation from the A9s' internal crossovers, especially on teh bass side which has three such crossovers, but at 145w into each array, it's still getting more total power than the Adcom 555 MkII alone would. My volume level testing tomorrow will tell me whether or not to keep these bi-amped via the Onkyo. I haven't tried Onkyo's bridged mode probably wouldn't yield much more than the Adcom alone would though.

    At least this thing has enough juice and good components inside to give a user options.

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