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    Default recevier for my TSi's

    ok, what recevier should i hook up to my tsi speakers? I just purchased a pair of (2) tsi500's(fronts),(2) tsi200s book shelfs, (1)tsi cs20 for my center, and psw125 (woofer) this is a 5.1 surround, i was thinking of the yamaha rx-v1900bl, or is it too good for it? can i get a better brand or could i use a less expensive recevier and still get the same quality of sound and power? again i live in a small apartment, i want a recevier that will let me control the base of all speakers if possible.

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    Hey Jose, welcome to Club Polk. Very nice choice in speakers btw, you are putting together one heck of a HT rig. As for the AVR question, that Yammy is a beast, but is in no way too good for the TSi's you are going to be running. The TSi 500's are rated from 20-275W so they will sound amazing with the power that the Yammy will be giving them. The CS20 is rated from 20-150W, so again it will sound great. Lastly the 200's are rated from 20-150W and again will sound great. Most AVR's power ratings are for only 2 channels driven and it will drop off considerably the more speakers you add to the mix. Don't worry though because those TSi's are very efficent and are pretty easy to drive. If that is the AVR you want, then get it and don't wonder if you can get the same sound from a cheaper one, unless budget is a concern.

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    Pioneer ELite VSX21TXH , this receiver is packed and sounds fantastic. It's s home run.
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    The Pioneer is a good receiver..any new Elite would be good, especially the ICE amps...

    But I'd also consider the Onkyo 1007 or higher if you're thinking about a Yamaha 1900...

    You should listen to a few of these and see which you think the TSIs sound better with!

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