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    Default RC80i speakers dont sound right

    Just sent a message to tech support but thought I would try here as well.

    Just finished installing five pair of RC80i speakers throughout the house. While testing the fourth pair the sound quality was extremely poor. I suspected my wiring and after checking all connections swapped the pair out with one of the others. The audio quality returned, which means its a speaker problem.

    To my ear it sounds as if the tweeters are not enabled at all. There are no highs to speak of, and the phenomenon exists in *both* speakers, not just one.

    Any ideas? Am I missing something here? Could it be that both speakers left the factory without the tweeters 'enabled'?

    Thanks for all comments!


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    On thing I can say about polk audio is they are reliable. I have been installing polk products for well over 11 years and only had one bad product out of the box which was a subwoofer amp , it wouldn't turn on.

    With all that being said check the wiring going to the tweeter from the crossover. Maybe it's just disconnected. You could have a bad crossover or bad tweeter.

    It is very possible something is wrong with it but whats cool is polks customer service is 2nd to none. Call them they will help you repair or replace your speakers.
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    Already got an email from tech support (overnight!) to send them in for a check. Ill be sending them in tomorrow.

    Thanks to the Polk folks for the quick response!


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    Way to go Polk CS!! Another satisfied customer. Like Dan said, they are second to none. Hope you are back up and running again soon.

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    Good to hear that Polk's resolved your problems quickly! Like everyone else has said, Polk's CS is great. They go above and beyond to help their customers out.
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