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    Default Speaker Configuration

    I am new to this forum, and building my system. (currently only have the CS2 and Yamaha RX-V765) I have a nice size plasma to place the CS2 under. Can I use this one center speaker, with receiver/tv, until I obtain rest of speakers? (plan to invest in M70, M40 and sub) Will this create any issues?

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    Yeah, you can do that until you get more speakers. It won't sound great, but it will be better than what's coming out of your TV speakers.

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    Default Speaker Wire Connections/Plugs

    Looking to terminate the speaker wires. Can anyone suggest a reasonable plug to use? (currently looking at GLS Audio Black Chrome Series Gold Connector Banana Plugs) Is there an audible difference, given my set up? (Yamaha RX-V765, CS2 center, Polk Monitor 70's, 30's, 40's)

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    I don't think there is going to be an audible differnce, just how easy it is to hook and unhook.
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    I use the GLS locking plugs and have been very happy with them. I like the secure connection and have never had a wire come loose. I always wait for them to go on sale at I think the last time I bought some they ended up being under $2 a pair. You should be able to find the non-locking versions for just a little less if you are patient.

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    +1 on the GLS locking plugs. That's what I'm using in my 2 channel rig, and I'm very happy with them. They make a very tight, solid connection.
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