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    Default Who thinks Polk Audio should make amps ???

    Hey everyone dont ya think it would be great if Polk Audio started to make amps for the lines of speakers they have, i think that would be great haveing amps that follow the quality and awsome price of Polk Audio. Does anyone know why they dont make amps ????

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    Coming this summer to a store near you. Check out the CES thread.

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    i used to think they should, now i think they shouldn't.

    when i thought they should was an era when polk was making speakers that exemplified "high quality mid grade" equipment at a reasonable price.

    in latter years they've decided to cater more toward the 16 yr olds at circuit city...

    that's fine... i mean a company's gotta make money and it's not right of me to demand they make speakers for 'me'.

    however, keeping that in mind, I don't think they they should bust out with a full line of amps. two or three amps... a class AB 2 channel, 4 channel and a D mono block would be reasonable... suited to their speakers.

    obviously it's going to be built by an outside firm... that's how that always goes... speaker companies branch out and have random guy XYZ build their other stuff. hence why i don';t think they should have a full blown 15 amp line.

    but when it comes to it, my opinion doesn't matter... if the amps sell come summer, they'll keep pumpin em out and makin em... probably expand.. if they dont... then they wont... that'll be the consumer community's decision.
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