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    Quote Originally Posted by F1nut View Post
    I believe some have done that mod, but I don't recall who. Good luck with the lousy search function.
    Search using the "Google" search through Polk Audio. It's more comprehensive, but still not great.
    Taken from a recent Audioholics reply regarding "Club Polk" and Polk speakers:

    "I'm yet to hear a Polk speaker that merits more than a sentence and 60 seconds discussion."

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    Quote Originally Posted by deaweber View Post
    Without a feasable way to listen to both rdo tweeter versions in a a/b comparison I have to ask . If one was going through a crossover upgrade anyway , is a xover frequency change whats required to acommodate the rdo-198 in a monitor 10 . Could this be a worthy hot rod . this speaker seems to be a good choice for upgrades . just curious , thanks .
    I've done the "TL" mod on 3 pairs of Monitor 10s, one being my own. My pair originally came with the SL2000s, and when I rebuilt the crossovers, I installed the RDO-194s. Big improvement. Eventually I upgraded to the 198s. The change was not as dramatic as going from the Sl2000 to the 194, but was very noticeable in a good way. I was able to do a side by side comparison. The 198s have a more open top end, with more detail. It's subtle at first, but the more you listen the more apparent it becomes. I also did the same to my SDA-2As, with a side by side comparison as well.
    In answer to your original question, the 10s are very much worth the effort and expense, depending on the original condition.
    To do the mod for the 198s, find the schematic at the top of this forum "schematic_m10_sl3000mod".
    Pay careful attention to the inductor that must be changed, particularly the resistance value, not just the mh value.
    If you do decide on the upgrade, I can offer advice on the parts needed, the schematic doesn't tell the whole story.
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