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    Default Matching 1.2TL's to Audio Research tubed power

    Gday folks,

    Just wondering if many people have had the opportunity to match their 1.2TL's with any of the Audio Research tube poweramp options.

    I have the opportunity to possibly grab a nice vintage D79B amp which is somewhat a classic to mate with my supratek preamp, as enticing as it is with its 75watts output I just am questioning myself with regards to it providing the polks with the juice they need when I decide to turn the dial a little:p

    Should I look for the d150 or d250 models (which are rarer then hens teeth) or try and find a nice solidstate poweramp to marry with my tube preamp... options options... I dunno

    Would love to hear ppls opinions as I am beginning my hunt for a new power amp to go with my setup.

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