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    Default Emotiva LMC-1 vs Carver C-1

    I'm currently using my LMC-1 for two-channel after much thought about how to arrange my set-up. Have a chance to grab a C-1 for $150, but wasn't sure if the improvement would be worth it, or if it would even be an improvement in sound. Any opinions on these two units? FWIW, I prefer my H/K 7300 as a pre over the LMC-1 for music listening.

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    If you know the Carver is working fine, give it a shot. If you don't like it, sell it again for the same price.
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    Grab it... but if you can, get your hands on the Carver C-19 tube pre. Magic resides within that little black box.
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    C-1 is a very good pre amp. $150 is a good price. If you don't like it you can get your $$$ back pretty easy.

    nooshinjohn is right about the C-19. Though good luck finding one at a resonable price. There is one on Audiogon right now for $975. They range in price between $600 and $900 depending on condition.
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    I honestly think you couldn't go wrong if you tried it out. the worst that could happen is you didn't like it. I'm quite sure you could recoup your investment.
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    Depending on what speakers you have in the mix, the C-1 has Sonic Holography which is similar to the SDA effect, if you have SDA speakers there's no point in having the SH and they sound weird used together. otherwise the C-1 is a nice pre that offers a lot of control, plus Phono inputs.

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