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    Question Bridged PA500.4 question

    Any (most at least) 4 channel amp have 2 sets of controls (gain, x-over...) - "front" and "rear"
    When bridged into 2 channels some amp's "front" (or "rear") becomes the only one to use for both speakers but some amps still keep both sets of controls so in reality u get "left" and "right"

    I just installed PA200.4 and apparantly when bridged it turns into "left" and "right" which is absolutly fine since they are powering my comps in the front door.

    BUUUUT - is PA500.4 the same way? If so then how does "bass remote control" come into play??? Will it only work for the left (rear only if 4 channels are used) or will it work for both??
    I'm using bridged pa500.4 for rear door 8''midbass woofers so having a functional bass remote control def comes in handy.

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    I'm really not sure but my guess would be it work for both rear channels bridged together. It would be easy to test once they're hooked up. Just play with the bass remote and see if it attenuates the bass in the rear speakers at all.
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    Whether the PA500.4 is running 4 channel or 2 channel the remote bass control will only work on the rear channels. If you are using the rear channels to run your midbass then you should have the Bass boost set to flat or off. This bass boost frequency is below that of mid bass and will cause you more harm than good. The idea behind the PA500.4 is to use the amp to run a complete system with mid and high frequency drivers on the front channels and subwoofer on the rear channels. Polk still gives you the ability to have some sort of sub level control during this application.

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