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    Default Front High/ Front Wide channels

    I recently traded up from an Onkyo SR-806 to an Onkyo NR-807. The 807 has outputs for Front High and Front Wide channels. I am currently running a 5.1 set up with Monitor 60 fronts, CS2 center, Monitor 30 surrounds, and an old PSW300 for a sub. I have an old set of Polk "home theater in a box" speakers (4 satellites and a center..RM Series 2...discontinued 1991) and was wondering if it would be worth the time and effort to mount and wire the four satellites in the front high/wide channels.

    Is there a difference in sound? Is it even a good idea just to gain a different Audyssey set up?

    Also, I'm thinking about buying a new(?) Polk PSW125 and running it and the PSW300 both.

    Any thoughts on either issue would be appreciated.


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    If your room will accommodate it, I would use two of the speakers and make a 7.1 with rear surrounds instead. Then run the audyssey and see how you like it. If everything blends nice, try adding the height channels for the full 9.1. I just think you won't like having the RM's in your front soundstage. They may not blend well with the monitors. If you have them though, give it a try, and if it sounds good to you, stay with it.

    Regarding the sub, you have some pretty nice gear in your rig already, especially your AVR, so I say sell the PSW300 and use that money and what you would spend on the PSW125 and get a real sub. There are some awesome subs on the used market for under $500 that will smoke any PSW125/PSW300 combo. Good luck brother . . .

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    +1 on Dom's suggestion. Try 7.1 first by adding some rear surrounds, and see if that makes a difference. Room size is the biggest factor when trying to setup a 7.1/9.1 because if you don't have the room for it, a properly setup 5.1 will outperform a cramped up 7.1 anyday. I also agree with the idea of trying for a little more in the sub category. If you like Polk, the PSW505 is hard to beat at $250 shipped from Newegg, it is a great HT sub and is much better than the PSW125, and IIRC it is cheaper too, or atleast the same price. The DSW series is a bit better in the music category, but also a bit more expensive. Look into Velodyne, SVS, Epik, just to name a few. For $500 you can get a pretty good used/starter sub from these companies. Welcome to Club Polk and good luck.

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    I tried front wide channels and front high, and ended up leaving the front high in my system (I'm running 9.2 surround). I really like the effect of DPL-IIz height channels, though I don't particularly care for Audyssey's DSX in either wide or height modes. However, I wouldn't use those RMs for that purpose other than just to try it (which is what I did - strung some wire up real quick just to see how it sounded). I would snag a pair of Monitor 30s from Newegg on the cheap to use as height channels, since that will make your front soundstage sound really tall and cohesive. That's the advantage of DPL-IIz height for me - it makes my mains sound floor-to-ceiling and then gives a nice subtle above-your-head effect for ambient sounds and flyovers.

    I do agree with others that you'll get more out of rear surrounds if you can properly place them, but if your setup is more conducive to 5.1, adding the height channels does give it a fuller sound that I've enjoyed (especially with video games!).

    As to the subwoofer issue, I agree that you should sell what you have and step up to one nice sub instead of trying to add a second one on the cheap. A solid subwoofer that trolls down to 20Hz will do more for the sound of your system than any additional channels ever will.
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