I'm in the beginning stages of cleaning up my spare 'junk' room for conversion into an office. I've found the following cables, which I'll hand out for free local pickup.

1 10 ft grey cat 5 cable (missing locking clips for ends)

1 5 ft navy blue cat 5 cable (good condition)

1 10 ft component video cable (no name brand, the yahoo i bought my tv from gave it to me)

1 12 ft audio cable (also no name, same source as above)

1 7 ft grey cat 5 cable (good shape)

1 14 ft grey cat 5 cable (missing clip on one end)

Several (not sure how many without some major scrounging) pc/monitor power cords. between 4 and 8 feet.

I also have a couple of misc. electronics.

1 old Pioneer DV-C505 5 disc dvd changer. It plays cds fine, but has some trouble with dvds. I've got the remote (which has seen better days) and I could likely scrounge up a power cord for it as well. No manual or box, sadly.

1 dell crt monitor. measures 15" diagonal. works fine as near as i could tell after a brief test. not sure of the resolution, it uses a vga connection, if that helps.

Zip is 45324.

If you want any of the above, just send a message and come take it. It's all free, unless you feel some particular need to pay me. I also have some miscellaneous outdated video game stuff (n64, dreamcast, etc) that I didn't list to avoid having an overly cluttered post. If that interests you, I can compile a list for you. Just let me know.

I'm giving this a couple of days on here, then listing it on Dayton, OH craigslist for free. I just decided to see if anyone on here needed this stuff because CL people scare me.