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    Default monitor 70's just got howto hook up

    hi i just got a pair of monitor 70's and i was wondering how do i hook them up? i want them for 5.1 system as my front right and lefts but they have 4 connectors on the back and i was expecting just 2... any help would be appreciated.

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    welcome. there are four connectors all almost all Polk Audio speakers. that is for a more advanced way to power them.. more on that later.

    just hook up your monitor 70's the way you would any other speaker.. with a positive and negative speaker wire. it does not matter at all if you use the top or bottom pair of connectors.

    *be sure the pos and neg wires correspond on the back of your receiver too.. if you accidently cross them.. it will not do anything bad or hurt your speakers.. but it will sound off.

    the reason polk put two pairs of connectors on your speakers is so that those people who want to power the tweeters with one amp and the mid bass drivers with another amp.. have that available to them. do not worry at all about this.. your speakers will sound great.

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    +1 on Al's suggestion, also make sure that the stock jumpers are in place and tightened down on both sides after you run your wires. If the jumpers aren't there and you hook it up to only one set of binding posts, you will only be powering either the woofers or the tweet, depending on which set you hook it up to. You will not be dissapointed by those 70's I love mine. IMHO they are about as god as it gets for what they can be had for these days. Good luck and welcome to Club Polk.

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    Default thanks

    thank guys for the reply... i can't wait to get my receiver and try it all out...

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    I was wondering about the same issue today, glad that you guys are around. Just received my speakers from Newegg today. Same here can't wait to get my receiver! They look great just standing next to the TV.

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