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    Default SuperAntispyware Portable...


    I came across this while surfing around the Malwarebytes Antimalware forums this evening....The file name is random so malware can't block it from running...

    I would like to add that this is not meant to be spam, am not affiliated with these guys in anyway, its only an informative post to anybody thats into removing malware from your own system or anybody elses....

    Thank you for your time:)
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    I've used "superantispyware" for years and it works well and doesn't seem to be a bunch of spyware and such.


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    Thanks, picked up 25 adwares on my computer and 33 on my daughter's. Still got to do the wife's.

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    I guess I should add, the only reason I'm really posting about it is because it's made to run from a flash drive....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorthos View Post
    I guess I should add, the only reason I'm really posting about it is because it's made to run from a flash drive....
    Thanks for the posting. I have used this site before and I would recommend it. My boss's computer was real bad and he went to the site and was able to get alot cleaned up. This being downloadable to a usb would be really helpful when you can't get your computer to connect online. By the way, what is up with McCafee? I stopped using them when their protection was not working and their virus scan did not find all of the viruses,spyware and trojans that superantispyware found. Had the latest updates from McCafee. I just stopped using them:(

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