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    Default Monitor 70 hook up

    High everyone, I just purchased the Monitor 70s, 40s, and a CS2 for a HT set up (my first). I'm running a Denon 1610 receiver, and although I've hooked a 5.1 system before, I've never had speakers that had more than two connections in the back. To make matters simple, I was just wondering if I need to hook my wires into the top connections or the bottom ones? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

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    you only need two. the four post are for bi wireing and bi amping i hope this helps you.

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    The metal strips that connect the two sets of terminals are called 'jumpers'; they connect the highs and the lows. And can be removed for bi-amping/wiring. But don't worry about that with a Denon 1610.

    Just choose the upper or lower terminals on each speaker and wire to those! I usually wire to the upper set! When your done MAKE SURE ALL THE FOUR SCREW DOWN TOPS ON EACH SPEAKER IS screwed down as firmly as possible because the jumpers need to be making full contact. If they don't you may not hear either the highs or the lows from your speaker...

    Good Luck!

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