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    Default SR124 Subwoofer Info Needed

    Hi. I am wondering if the single voice coil version has underhung VC. Does the DVC version have 2 coils the same size as the SVC coil?
    I was looking at the specs and it says efficency is better on the SVC model, but its mesured at 1w right? So if I had 1000wrms, wouldnt the DVC model be louder? Because the SVC sub coil leaves the magnetic field before the DVC version when driven hard because of the voice oil length? This is what im trying to work out. Hope you follow me

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    help anyone please? Are these subs around -3db at 20hz? I want something quiet flat in frequency responce. I have an Eclipse SW8200 which I love, but I need TWO subs for the car and i cant get another Eclipse anywhere. Besides, I love heaps of other Polk Audio gear. I wish I could install my FXi A6's on the front doors LOL!

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    try posting in the "car audio" section, you might get a quicker response...welcome to CP and good luck. David
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