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    Default IC placement - what would you do?

    I am adding an amp to my 2 channel system and find myself short 1 set of MIT shotgun ICs with no plans to buy another set. So my question is, should I use my MITs shotguns from the source to the pre, and then use an Audioquest Diamondback from the pre to the amp or visa versa?

    I've always thought that I should use the best cable form my source to pre but now I wonder if I put the MIT shotguns on the pre to amp, maybe I would get the benefits of the MIT ICs for all componets that are connected to the pre. What would you do?

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    I've always heard it's better to run your better IC from your source to pre (if all of your ICs are not the same, which is the ideal setup). Really though there is now way of really knowing which way is better without trying your setup wired both ways. Try it both ways and let your ears decide. You may not here any difference one way or another. Ultimately the solution is going to be getting another set of MIT ICs. Sorry for the generalized answers, but I hope this helps.


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    I would agree source to the pre would probably be the best. That being said, I would try both and see what you think.
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    I have the same dilema,, I'm gonna start by using my silvers from the source, then the MIT's from the pre to amp--we'll just have to experiement and see.Good luck.
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    One will be a fixed output (source to pre), the other variable. I would try it both ways and see what your ears tell you. My "gut" tells me the better cable would be best at handling a variable output.

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    Yep, I guess the only way to know is to try both ways. :)

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