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    Default Do I need a new driver?

    Hello all,
    I have a pair of rti12's and to be honest they just don't sound right.I put my ear up to them and noticed that the upper minrange just seems to be lagging.But it is movind a pretty good amount.Alot more than the other channel.

    I read on someone esles post if you move the driver 180 deg it might help.So I went to do this.As i was doing it I noticed when I manually push the driver I felt a gring for lack of a better term.None of my other drivers were giving me this feeling.Do I need a new driver?

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    if you are able to "swap" drivers with a known good one
    that may give you a better indication of whether the unknown one is good or bad.

    if the movement of the cone is not free and easy
    then the voicecoil could be out of alignment,
    it is a tight tolerance
    a 'rubbing" noise will indicate a rubbing coil

    also check continuity and standing resistance with a volt/ohmmeter
    comparing it to a known good driver.

    contact POLK SERVICE if under warranty for replacement
    if out of warranty as a CLUB POLK member ask for the club discount

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    Thanks jvc,
    Going to swap right now.Great advice.

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    happened to my rt1000i's woofer. apparently this is a pretty common with polks. (see "Note about Polk Audio speakers.")

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