This is a repost due to a change in direction.

I decided to take the advice of a few on the forum that suggested separates if I wanted the most out of my Lsi 9ís. Originally I thought of the 9ís as a part of a bedroom ďmini system.Ē I do not have an endless budget but in the meantime I donít want to waste the full potential of these speakers. I decided to purchase a separate amp for my 9ís to be controlled by my current Belles preamp that is currently being used by my turntable only.
I just purchased a B&K 2140 2-channel amp.

I currently have my 2-channel xpa 2 run through the Belles for ht-bypass, in pure audio mode to play my music.

Can I connect the new B&K to the Belles so that so that I have the option to play 2- channel stereo using B & K, Mac Mini, Music Hall DAC and Lsi9ís AND maintain my current set up of running my Mac Mini through the DAC, emotive amps, HT Bypass preamp and Rti speakers?
I guess what i'm essentially asking is can I use the preamp to separately control both set ups?
My apologies in advance if Iíve made this sound more confusing than it really is! :o


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