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    Thumbs up W4S STI 500 & AudioArt cables nice as the SC 07 was for 2 channel and it wasnt that bad.. the STI 500 is leaps and bounds better...have been looking for a int amp with HT bypass for a while now and think I have found a winner..again without using the audio buzz words ... it sounds farkin fantastic....lots of nice clean punch in the bass, way more than my Proceed had and it was no slouch, a very noticable overall improvment throughout....much more detail but in a good way thats easy to listen to,I find myself wanting to turn the volume up ..sounds great with zero distortion to sound. I have a smaller listening room right now so its easy for the M-1's to fill the room with sound.This amp drives these speakers with ease and has added a new level of listening enjoyment.....I also went with an all AudioArt cable set up..SC 55SE Bi wire with Furutech FP 202 lockin nanners for the speakers, and AudioArt IC3 SE interconnects all with a 72 hour factory burn in.Bob the owner is a great guy to work far the synergy between all is quite nice and should only improve with time ......I would have no problem at all recommending this ampor any of the AudioArt cables ..both are winners as far as my ears are concerned...

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    Sounds like you picked youreself a winner!!! I'll tell you what...W4S has been getting rave reviews on their whole product line. Now that they just released their two DAC models, I can't wait for the reviews. I just might be pulling the trigger on one. Congrats & enjoy your new STI 500. And as far as the Audio Art cables...great cables that are highly recommended by W4S.
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    I just wish Sony would have let then use the SACD capability of the Sabre DAC.

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    I love my W4S amps, ST-500 and ST-250! The new DACs prove to be exceptional as well, but I went with the Spatial Computer setup with room correction.

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    while i have not heard the pangea power cords yet, you might be sirprised by the sound of the audio art power cables.
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